Get your sh*t together: Docker development environments with Dusty

I’ve seen hell, when it comes to software development and actual production environments. Inconsitent platforms, packages and a plethora of hacks to ‘get everything to work’ on all developer machines. I’ve seen whole teams screwing with a shared ‘dev database’ on a root server somewhere, creating a horrible mess of inconsistent behavior and ultimately slow down development and testing. This article will give you an overview how you can use Docker and Dusty to streamline your dev environments.

Goodbye ezeep!

For all of you who haven’t noticed yet, I’ve left ezeep at the end of December. As a co-founder it’s been a tough decision to leave, after joining forces with my two amazing co-founders nearly three years ago. Looking back, building ezeep was an incredible and fun challenge. However, I started to feel that the direction ezeep is moving into and my own passions were drifting apart and that someone else would be able to fulfill the changed requirements much better than me.

nsync - A command-line tool for NSA’s backup services

NSA is running the largest and most secure free backup service ever built. Still I couldn’t find any proper command-line backup tool to quickly compress and send my files to their service. So I’ve decided to introduce nsync: nsync is an easy to use bash command-line tool to backup your files to NSA’s fully secure and free backup servers. This is a very early version of nsync. Due to the robustness of NSA’s data collection and storage systems it should be very reliable though.

How XEROX Invented (and Killed) Printing

This article was originally published by me on the ezeep blog. Please note that ezeep, including it’s blog contents, has been acquired since then. Consequently this post might not appear on the ezeep blog anymore or might reference to a different author within ezeep’s new parent company. Losing The Hackers In the late 1970’s, Richard Stallman and his colleagues at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab were using one of the first XEROX Xerographic printers.

You’re Shaped By Algorithms

Gaining Certainty Through Abstraction Technology has always shaped how we interact with the world and the people around us. Let’s start off with a very simple example: When the first bridges were built, the engineering part was a great achievement, but the idea of building a bridge is less about solving engineering problems just for the sake of solving them. Building a bridge is in it’s very essential core about connecting people.

Me. Commiting Code.

Cool, isn’t it? I stole the idea from Victor Martinez ( who fully deserves the credit for me annoying the web with this video.